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5th OSE Summertalk: September 27, 2019 in Berlin

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Topic: AI. Data. Escrow.

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"Cloud Escrow as Risk Management Tool" in Deposix' latest book contribution: 'Legal IT Handbook, 3rd edition, published in October 2013 (in German).

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What is Software Escrow?

Software escrow is a service in which the (software) source code is stored with a neutral third party (trustee). When software is licensed, a series of potential causes of friction may arise between software developers and their clients, the users. In many cases there is a difference of opinion, at the latest, when the source code is disclosed. This conflict of interests, so typical of the software sector, can be avoided by using a so-called escrow provider, an independent and impartial trustee with technological expertise, who holds the source code on behalf of both parties.


Schematic Software Escrow

It is continually necessary to update software, and to correct or, at least, improve on errors. Where the licensee does not have access to the source code, this may result in increased costs in a very short space of time, or in the need to use alternative software should the software provider neglect its service obligations or abandon its business. Software providers today, therefore, find it much easier to sell their software if they are able to demonstrate their participation in a professional software escrow solution.