Deposix software escrow contracts

For our sample escrow contracts, please send an e-mail to info{at}deposix{.}com


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5th OSE Summertalk: September 27, 2019 in Berlin

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Topic: AI. Data. Escrow.

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New publication

"Cloud Escrow as Risk Management Tool" in Deposix' latest book contribution: 'Legal IT Handbook, 3rd edition, published in October 2013 (in German).

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Deposix is now a member of LES!

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Licensing Executives Society (LES International): 
"Advancing The Business of Intellectual Property Globally"

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Press comments on Deposix

Several reports have already appeared in the press about Deposix and its business model. We are pleased to offer you a selection of the most interesting articles:

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Publications by Deposix and dissertations

You can find various references to Publications by Deposix and to Dissertations (doctoral thesis) on Software Escrow below.

Deposix on mü (in German)

On 03/09/08, a report which centred on Deposix was broadcast on mü in the programme “Manager TV”. The programme “Manager TV” showcases various IT companies with best practice solutions and experts for the strategic implementation of information technology.

Deposix on mü (in German)