Deposix software escrow contracts

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5th OSE Summertalk: September 27, 2019 in Berlin

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Topic: AI. Data. Escrow.

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New publication

"Cloud Escrow as Risk Management Tool" in Deposix' latest book contribution: 'Legal IT Handbook, 3rd edition, published in October 2013 (in German).

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Deposix is now a member of LES!

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Licensing Executives Society (LES International): 
"Advancing The Business of Intellectual Property Globally"

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Software escrow with Deposix

Software developers (licensors) and software users (licensees) and IT consultants have an experienced escrow provider on their side in Deposix. Deposix provides professional support for the entire escrow process - from contract structuring, through active contract management, to regular updating of deposited software.

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Escrow contracts by Deposix

  Stephan Peters im Konferenzraum Deposix offers a variety of software escrow contracts to choose from depending on your specific situation. Our contracts are continually reviewed and reflect the sound legal knowledge of our escrow specialists.

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Professional software appraisals with Deposix

  Ihre Software in sicheren Händen The initial inspection carried out by Deposix for every software escrow deposit is comprehensive. However, this inspection only consists of a quantitative control of the deposited source code. For this reason, Deposix also offers a qualitative inspection of the software. Through a detailed technical inspection, a so-called “technical verification”, the source code is examined with a view to its suitability for later use. This additional technical inspection is particularly recommended to licence holders who want to determine whether the deposited material may be used in neutral system environments at a later point. More on software appraisals with Deposix