Deposix software escrow contracts

For our sample escrow contracts, please send an e-mail to info{at}deposix{.}com


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5th OSE Summertalk: September 27, 2019 in Berlin

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Topic: AI. Data. Escrow.

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New publication

"Cloud Escrow as Risk Management Tool" in Deposix' latest book contribution: 'Legal IT Handbook, 3rd edition, published in October 2013 (in German).

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Deposix is now a member of LES!

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Licensing Executives Society (LES International): 
"Advancing The Business of Intellectual Property Globally"

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Software Escrow with Deposix for software users and licensees of other IP/IA

Deposix offers maximum security, ensuring the highest level of investment protection to companies both large and small and in every sector, which use software applications or other forms of intellectual property or intellectual assets (IP/IA) to support their business-critical processes. Our sound legal knowledge and unsurpassed IT expertise mean that you, as a license user, have a three-fold guarantee from Deposix:

  1. Deposix guarantees the permanent usability and enhancement of deposited software. Should the software developer fail - continued access to the source code is assured.
  2. Deposix guarantees the undiminished functionality of the deposited software through regular updates of the source code, including future versions.
  3. Deposix guarantees the quality and completeness of the source code through technical verification of the deposited software packages.

We offer our beneficiaries an integrated and seamless escrow process: flexible contract structuring, professional contract management and secured access to regularly updated software or other IP/IA deposited with us. We will gladly conduct additional technical verification of the source code based on your specific needs.

Advantages for software users

  • Peace of mind: software escrow with Deposix provides you with the highest level of security for your medium and large-scale IT investments. Access to the source code is guaranteed even if the software developer should fail.
  • Hedging your long-term risk: Deposix ensures an optimal level of operation of the deposited material through regular updates of the source code or other IP/IA, both now and in the future.
  • Quality assurance: Deposix technically verifies all deposited software packages, ensuring that the source code is of a high quality and complete.