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5th OSE Summertalk: September 27, 2019 in Berlin

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Topic: AI. Data. Escrow.

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New publication

"Cloud Escrow as Risk Management Tool" in Deposix' latest book contribution: 'Legal IT Handbook, 3rd edition, published in October 2013 (in German).

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Deposix is now a member of LES!

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Licensing Executives Society (LES International): 
"Advancing The Business of Intellectual Property Globally"

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Deposix - Member of "Organisation pro Software Escrow" (German industry association)


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Deposix is a founding member of the Organisation pro Software Escrow e.V. (OSE) industry association, founded in 2005. Stephan Peters, chief executive of Deposix Software Escrow, is Chairman of the Board of OSE.


Association objectives

The purpose of the association is to publicize and promote software escrow (depositing of the source code with a trustee) and to provide legal and technical expertise. The association views itself in particular, as a promoter of the interests of users and providers of software escrow, and of service providers and consulting firms in the source code deposit environment.

The major issues are:

  • systematic clarification on the subject of “protection of software and IT investments”, in the interest of maintaining a healthy and functioning economy
  • representation of the interests of members and increasing the level of public awareness of software escrow through presentations, public relations and marketing cooperation
  • development of standards, to ensure the consistency and high quality of the escrow services of member companies
  • to ensure appropriate legal framework conditions and to be involved in creating binding legal certainty.


Since 2006, the OSE has arranged an annual symposium on current legal developments in the area of software escrow, with special consideration of recent court rulings.


9. OSE Symposium - 31st of January 2014 in Munich Download Agenda (in German)

"Secure corporate IT" including a keynote by the German Secretary of Justice (BMJ, part of Merkel's Ministry), Mrs. Sabine    Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger


8. OSE Symposium - 25th of January 2013 in Munich Download Agenda (in German)


7. OSE Symposium - 27th of January 2012 in Munich Download Agenda (in German)


More on the OSE symposiums (2006-2013) (in German)

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