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Software Escrow

Software Escrow

Conventional software licensing models have proven themselves a reliable solution ever since. They avoid specific risks, which often come along with cloud services such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and Analytics as a Service (AaaS) solutions.

The conventional software licensing model is composed as follows:

  • the user runs the software, built by an external developer (licensor), on their internal hardware/it-infrastructure
  • generated user data is stored in the internal database
  • the source code that is necessary for any software adjustments remains with the licensor
  • maintenance contracts regulate software maintenance and development

Should the producer or the manufacturing company fail to perform, the user can only continue to use the software version that has been in use at the time of failure.

For this reason, the risk management of the conventional licensing model aims at guaranteeing the licensee a medium- and long-term maintainability.

Therefore, this model solves an inherent conflict of interest between rights users and rights holders and minimizes potential risks. Deposix acts as a neutral, technologically competent contact partner for both contracting parties.

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