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Deposix Digital Escrow
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Deposix Team

Deposix Team

„A well-functioning team is essential on the high seas.”

Our captain: Stephan Peters

Founder and managing director Stephan Peters holds a German diploma degree in business and computer science (European Business School, Oestrich-Winkel, Germany) and also an MBA degree (Columbia Business School, New York). His know-how covers economy and information technology in equal parts. Before Stephan decided to specialize in fiduciary management of source code and business-critical data, he had worked for the IT consultancy companies Accenture and Booz & Company.

His job mainly focusses on risk protection; that is probably the reason why he enjoys quite risky activities in his leisure time: He either goes sailing or heads out with his kiteboard. Now and then, however, he also takes things easier. This is when he goes swimming in one of Munich’s lakes, enjoys a tennis match or stays fit with boxing training.

Apart from that, Stephan is happily married and the father of four kids.

Stephan Peters

managing director

Holding a German diploma degree in business and computer science (European Business School), Stephan Peters has always had a keen interest in effectively tying together technological innovations and economic targets. For this reason, he has worked for tech startups as well as for IT companies and IT consultancy companies like Booz & Company (now Strategy&) and Accenture. It was in 2002, when he founded Deposix. In Great Britain, France, the USA, and also in Argentina and Ecuador, Stephan Peters was able to gain same international experience. He also graduated with an MBA from the Colombia Business School in New York. In his leisure time, Stephan Peters enjoys all sorts of physical activities, especially if they involve water. Beyond that, he appreciates spending time with his four children.

Katharina Hertzog


Her motto is: Service Excellence – Not only in her job as a service manager with Lufthansa, Katharina Hertzog always meets the requirements of her first-class passengers. The same goes for her work with Deposix, where she meets our clients’ individual demands without exception. She has joined our team in 2005. Friendly and attentive by nature, she will not leave a stone unturned until having found a solution that will satisfy all expectations. She has lived in Bangladesh, Thailand, and Costa Rica, which is why no cultural differences can stop her. The world is her home. For this reason, Katharina Hertzog is passionate about traveling together with her husband. Also, she is the happy mother of three sons.

Sonia Martin Beltrán

contract management

Born in Spain, Sonia Martin Beltrán has studied business administration at the LMU Munich (Germany). She gained her first professional experiences when she worked as a development controller with Siemens. During her later job with BenQ Mobile, she has not only acquired know-how in many different areas. Global controlling and commercial consulting for allocated technical departments as well as for contract and licensing management were also her responsibility. Since 2011, Sonia Martin supports Deposix with all her experience. She promotes our contract management, supervises technical verifications, and is in charge of the depot management. In her leisure time, she enjoys spending time with her family and pursuing her hobbies.

Sabine Düsing

contract management

As legal secretary, Sabine Düsing has gained experience in renowned multidisciplinary law firms. Before she joined Deposix in 2015, she had worked as a team assistant in legal and tax advice as well as in auditing. After she had also supported the Human Resources Department of these law firms, Sabine Düsing took over the office and event management of a highly specialized law firm boutique and supported its build up. With Deposix, she takes responsibility for all aspects of our contract management. In her free time, she appreciates physical activities in the nature and is a great enthusiast of the Austrian alps, where she enjoys hiking together with her patchwork family.

Dieter Schwarzkopf

software expert

As a certified project- and quality manager, Dieter Schwarzkopf participates in international projects and also supports renowned mid-size companies. It has already been 15 years that Dieter supports Deposix as IT consultant with the inspection of software. He specializes in the static and dynamic analysis of source code and the qualitative inspection of the documentation. A lot of his leisure time Dieter also to new technologies. His other great passion is hiking.

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