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Deposix Digital Escrow
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About us

About Deposix

Legal know-how, excellent IT-expertise, well-known international clients

Formal termination of the long-standing partnership with OeKB-BS (Österreichische Kontrollbank Business Services, Vienna) due to the strategic realignment of OeKB-BS. Our companies remain on friendly terms and we are very grateful for the time of excellent cooperation! Deposix naturally continues to offer all escrow services for Austria, and the number of satisfied customers in the Alpine republic is steadily increasing.
ISO certification according to 9001 and 27001
Big celebration in Bernried on Lake Starnberg
20th anniversary of Deposixg
Deposix closes a collaboration contract with OeKB Business Services GmbH
Move into a new business office on Wiener Platz in Munich
10 years of Deposix – Anniversary event with 150 guests and a private screening of the drama film “Source Code”
Deposix is a founding member of the Organisation pro Software Escrow – Chairman: Stephan Peters
Founding of a US sister company with agencies in California and Arizona
Founding of Deposix Digital Escrow GmbH

Deposix Software Escrow GmbH

Based in Munich, Stephan Peters founded Deposix in 2002. We serve all countries worldwide from our offices located in the heart of Munich/Germany. Deposix operates internationally as a software escrow agent.

We specialize in a professional fiduciary deposit of Intellectual Property and act as a reliable and independent trustee between right holders (licensors) and right users (licensee).

Deposix provides their customers with an integrated and seamless escrow process, which covers a variety of services from contract management to regular updates of the deposited data. We may also conduct a technical verification of the material and prepare a technical assessment to guarantee the quality and integrity of the data.

Legal know-how – excellent IT expertise

Deposix works with a variety of different clients: Software manufacturers, rights holders, IT consultants, and users of business-critical data in general. They all benefit from our profound legal know-how and our excellent IT-expertise, independent from their size and industry.

Apart from a precise contractual handling of the deposits incl. regular updates, we also offer a technical verification. This means that we inspect and analyze the deposited material in detail.

The licensee obtains more security for their business-critical data and applications and the protection of their IT investments.

The licensor can protect his Intellectual Property and receives a short assessment that will prove the quality and integrity of the deposited data to his client.

Well-known clients around the world

Today, well-known clients from almost 40 countries put their trust in our escrow services and technical assessments – among them CA (Computer Associates), Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Post, Honda, HP, IBM, Philip Morris, SAP, and Südzucker. Beyond that, well-known lawyers and law firms count on our well-developed and customizable escrow contracts.

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Deposix Software Escrow GmbH
Innere Wiener Straße 11a
81667 Munich ​

Tel.: +49 (89) 189 125 5-0

ISO certifications

Deposix has been ISO certified by MSECB since 2022.


Deposix is an active member of the following organizations:
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