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Technical verification & professional report

Technical verification of software source code

Our services generally include a comprehensive initial inspection. Apart from that, we offer a qualitative inspection, which we will conclude with a professional report – independent from whether a contract for deposition exists or not. ​

The so-called “technical verification”, a detailed technical test, aims at checking the source code for future usability. On request, we will also guarantee the operating ability. ​

We would highly recommend a technical verification, especially for licensees hence it ensures that the deposited material will perform smoothly in a neutral system environment.

Levels of technical verification

We aim at ensuring that the source code can be reutilized for future developments or for troubleshooting.

The different levels of inspection help to assure the quality and integrity of the deposited software packages:

  1. Docu-check – checks the submitted documents on integrity and clarity
  2. Compilability test – confirms compilability of the deposited source code (plausibility check)
  3. Compile – Build – Run – ensures that the deposited source code results in a executable object code
  4. Functionality test 1 – checks on specific functions according to a separate list
  5. Functionality test 2 – checks on full functionality according to technical specifications
  6. Code Review – analyzes compliance with recognized programming guidelines

After we conclude the verification successfully, we will provide you with a guarantee that your data material is complete and sufficient for deposit.

On request, we also conduct a technical verification as a separate service, independent from a fiduciary deposit. If you wish, we will also inspect open source products for you.

Collaboration with other IT-specialists

Deposix has been collaborating with independent software experts for many years. Together we aim at providing our clients with the highest standards of technical verification and software certificates.


Specialist for technical assessments (certified expert), verifications, digital forensic, and data recovery.

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