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Deposix Digital Escrow
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Organisation pro Software Escrow

Deposix is a founding member of the industry association OSE (Organisation pro Software Escrow e.V.), which has been established in 2005. The current chairman of the OSE is Stephan Peters, managing director of Deposix.

OSE objectives

OSE aims at introducing and promoting software escrow. The organization represents the interests of software escrow users and providers. Moreover, it supports service and consulting companies that deal with source code deposit.

Key issues

  • Raising awareness for the “protection of software and IT investments” on behalf of a functioning economy
  • Representing the interests of members and increasing the level of awareness for software escrow by means of presentations, public relations, and marketing cooperation
  • Introducing standards to ensure that member companies provide their clients with high-quality escrow services
  • Creating fixed legal frameworks and contributing to the establishment of a reliable legal security

OSE symposium München ​

Since 2006, the OSE organizes an annual symposium. Issues of current legal or other developments in software escrow are discussed with particular attention to the latest court decisions.
| OSE Symposien |

Upcoming events:

Das 18. OSE Symposium fand am 27.01.23 wieder digital mit der OSE Sendezentrale in München statt. Das nächste, dann 19. OSE Symposium findet am Freitag, 26.01.24 statt, dann hoffentlich wieder in Persona oder hybrid.

OSE Summer Talk Berlin

Since 2015, the OSE also organizes the OSE Summer Talk in Berlin. Previous topics were:

  • 1st OSE Summer Talk 2015: “Escrowlösungen und neue Ansätze im Datenschutz und Open Source“ (escrow solutions and latest approaches to data protection and open source)
  • 2nd OSE Summer Talk 2016: “Neue digitale Zeit – Spielregeln der Daten-Ökonomie – von Escrow und anderen Erfolgsfaktoren“ (new digital age – rules of data economics – escrow and other success factors)
  • 3rd OSE Summer Talk 2017: “Escrow 4.0 – Big Data und digitale Platformen” (escrow 4.0 – big data and digital platforms)
  • 4th OSE Summer Talk 2018: “Escrow goes Digital: Neue Wege zum Schutz digitaler Wirtschaftsgüter“ (escrow goes digital: new paths to protect digital assets)
  • 5th OSE Summer Talk 2019: „KI.Daten.Escrow” (

The series still continues

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ISO certifications

Deposix has been ISO certified by MSECB since 2022.


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