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Deposix Digital Escrow
Security. Safety. Service.

A safe haven for your software and IP

Digital Escrow – fiduciary data deposit

Digital Escrow means depositing digital critical business data in trust. This process protects the copyright of the producer/holder (licensor) and minimizes the failure risk of the user (licensee) at the same time. In doing so, it creates a reconciliation of interests between the parties involved.

Deposix provides their clients with a comprehensive digital Escrow service. It comprises three integrated components:

Escrow contracts

Flexibel, customizable and proven in practice ​

Escrow Management

up-to-date, proactive and thoroughly documented

Technical verifications

independent, platform agnostic and neutral

Depending on the deposited material (data) and the type of deposition, we offer the escrow service that suits your requirements:

  1. Conventional software licensing model escrow
  2. Cloud (SaaS, AaaS) escrow
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) escrow
  4. Key escrow
  5. Intellectual Property (IP) escrow
  6. Data escrow

Deposix stands for highest safety standards

All data and data carriers will be deposited in two geographically separated places. This method complies with the official guidelines of the Association of Indemnity Insurers (VdS). In addition, we have established our proprietary “Chinese Wall of Escrow”, which ensures complete separation between physical deposition of your material and all digital processes.

Our escrow expertise relies on:


We have gained experience in this industry for many years and have also been actively supporting current developments (i.e. cloud escrow, blockchain, digital escrow, data escrow, AI). This allows us to understand the economic and technical correlations of our clients’ inquiries and their specific needs. Therefore, we can provide you with escrow solutions for different contexts and with a maximum level of security.

Technical know-how

Initially, Deposix inspects the deposited material in detail. We may also offer further services, for instance, conducting a technical verification or delivering a technical software report.


From contract adjustments to technical verification or ensuring customized processes within the escrow management – we focus entirely on the individual demands of our clients.


Not only our clients but also recognized industry experts, like specialist lawyers or experts for IT, have endorsed the legal sophistication of our contracts as well as our technical know-how. As a result, our new business is majorly based on recommendations.


From collaborating with leading economic enterprises from almost 40 countries, escrow has become our core competence. Our contract management comprises full support for all escrow parties during all phases of the escrow life cycle. We also proactively initiate regular updates.

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ISO certifications

Deposix has been ISO certified by MSECB since 2022.


Deposix is an active member of the following organizations:
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