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    Key escrow

Key Escrow

Key escrow aims at depositing cryptographic keys, which protect copyright sensitive data or allow access to encrypted information to authorized third parties.

Key escrow with Deposix

Key escrow differs from other digital escrow processes:

  1. no comprehensive data is deposited, but only cryptographic keys that allow access to data
  2. A standardized initial inspection and relevant test data are utilized to test the keys for functionality
  3. The expense to update the keys is comparatively small (in case of modifiable keys)

Our contracts can be tailored to your individual requirements without any extra charges.

Electronic archiving

You require audit-proof and long-term deposit for your electronic data? Deposix can support you with building up an archive with cryptographic and electronic signature methods. Signature renewals will also be taken into account.

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ISO certifications

Deposix has been ISO certified by MSECB since 2022.

Cooperation partner

OeKB Business Services GmbH is a company of Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG Vienna, Austria


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