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Cloud Escrow

Cloud escrow with Deposix

It is undeniable that cloud services meet the current trend, mostly due to their cost advantages. However, they may entail specific risks. Cloud (SaaS, AaaS) escrow enables you to take full advantage of modern cloud services while potential risks of failure are minimized at the same time.

Risks of cloud services

Applications and data are hosted and processed outside of the companies’ premises. For this reason, they might be denied access to them from one moment to the other, without having caused any damage themselves. Besides, cloud services are composed of multiple software components or cloud-based applications, which are all provided by different providers.

This brings about various technological, legal, operative, and economic risks for the cloud service provider or one of his suppliers. These risks are difficult to predict and can cause a sudden failure for an indefinite period.

The cloud model

  • Instead of acquiring a permanent right to use a software, the user pays for the provision of certain features or services based on their usage – either SaaS or AaaS.
  • Services and application data remain one hundred percent within the infrastructure of the cloud service provider.
  • In case of insolvency, the insolvency administrator of the cloud service provider or of one of his providers might terminate the maintenance contract at short notice.

The solution: Deposix cloud escrow

Deposix has developed a model that allows the client to fully benefit from cloud services without being exposed any of these risks. Our cloud escrow services focus on:

  • accessibility of client-specific data collections
  • tests for future usability of the data on a regular basis
  • definition of a tolerable downtime period and possible data loss caused by a total performance failure of the cloud provider
  • development of a technical escrow solution by weighing costs and benefits

Of course, we do not store the deposited data in the cloud. Rather, we store them conventionally “offline”, which means a safe deposit.

“Currently, every other question / every other deposit with us concerns SaaS technology. Through our verifications we check the code, our subsequent guarantee confirms the independence of all SW engineers involved in the development, among other things”

Stephan Peters, CEO of Deposix

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ISO certifications

Deposix has been ISO certified by MSECB since 2022.


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